Welcome to the website for Avante Technic Racing


Set up in 2017 with the sole putrpose to campaign an MG ZR tin top saloon in the 2017 MG ZR Trophy Championship


A UK based single make club championships, offering high quality close racing for the  MG ZR in 3 classes.


We will be racing a Class C  race prepared ZR 160 road car.

AVANTE Definition:  To move ahead or to move forward. Techniques and ideas that are markedly in advance of those generally accepted


TECHNIC Definition:

The study or science of an art, esp. any of the mechanical or industrial arts


RACING Definition:

To compete in a race

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The MG Trophy championship, as it has been known since 2005, has continued and, despite having no title sponsor, has been successful in launching the careers of several drivers who have moved on up to higher profile championships.


The championship saw the race launch of the LE 500 in 2009 with the car prepared by the Dreadnought team and raced by Paul Luti. Much work was done over the winter of 2008/9 to have the car ready for the 2009 season. It had many outright race wins to its credit including both the big Silverstone Live events in 2009 and both Knockhill races in 2010. These races received excellent media coverage in the UK motorsport press with full colour photos.


The original rwd Cup cars and the F/TF 160’s and 190’s and LE 500 were still eligible to run in the championship but 2013 saw only one car compete in just 4 of the 12 rounds. Paul Luti switched back to fwd in 2013 and once again was on the pace, this was surely the writing on the wall for the rwd cars that had been suspected back at the end of the 2012 season. 

Driver pressure let them stay for the 2013 season but the end was in site with Gary Wetton having the dubious honour of being the last rwd driver to compete in the Trophy championship on the 7th September at Oulton Park in his Dreadnought built LE 500. Gary finished in 6th place the lowest finish for a 190 car that day.


The Future:

With no sign of a suitable ZR replacement car from MG the hope of attracting factory support looks unlikely despite years of trying to encourage them to come up with an MG3 club level race car, disappointing to say the least. The ZR in it’s 3 different states of tune still attracts novices and experienced racers, it’s proved to be a good introduction to tin top racing with drivers going on to the Clio Cup and the BTCC so we will continue with more of the same for the time being.


An excellent 2016 season saw 43 drivers racing with some serious competition in all classes. The ‘budget’ 160 class had 10 entries and has now come of age with more expected in 2017. Some of the drivers will be moving up to the 170 class so that means there are tried and tested cars available for newcommers, why not come and join us in 2017.




In recent years the MG Trophy has produced a number of drivers who have gone on to higher levels of motorsport with ex Trophy driver Jack Goff now competing in the BTCC having won the Clio Cup in 2012. This shows that this is the championship to see if you’ve got what it takes to race at the highest levels of motorsport. If you think this may be YOU why not try the cost effective MG Trophy and find out.